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Taylor Kitsch Community Rules

¤ Firstly, this is a community for fans of Taylor Kitch. It's for news, pictures etc. relating to him.
¤ LJ Cut spoilers. We consider a spoiler to include any info that would spoil ANY aspect of FNL (or any of Taylor's other projects) for anyone before the episode has aired, and up to a week afterwards. When in doubt, use a cut or ask mod.
¤ Check the community before making a post to make sure it hasn't already been posted by someone else. Duplicate and spam posts will be deleted.
¤ Tag your posts.
¤ Do not disable comments on your posts or mark them as "friends only" or "private".
¤ Please have respect for and do not bash Taylor, his projects, the mods or the other members. If you have a problem with a post, the community or another member, please contact a mod.
¤ When posting images, please put anything larger than 500x500 pixels under a cut. Do not post any offensive images or any images unrelated to Taylor or his projects.
¤ Do not post messages with ALL CAPS or wRiTe LiKe ThIs!!!!!1111. Doing so will either give people headaches or cause you to never be taken seriously. In most cases, both.
¤ Be sure to link to your source when posting news, and please post only legit and relevant news from reliable sources. Anything deemed inappropriate or offensive by the mods will be deleted!
¤ Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning. After that you will be banned from the community. These rules may be modified as it becomes necessary, and possibly without notice.

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